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Taylor Swift Mine Clip

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Taylor Swifts new music video for her single Mine will premiere worldwide on Friday August 27th 2010 as a half hour event. Is everyone excited for the music video?

CMT Premieres: Taylor Swift “Mine”Friday, August 27
8:00 PM ET/PT

Taylor Swift premieres her new music video in a live half-hour special event. Swift and host Katie Cook will discuss some of the music video locations, present exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and unveil the world premiere of “Mine,” the first release from her brand new album, Speak Now. .

Source: CMT

Thanks TaylorSwiftWeb.Net

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TAYLOR Lautner decided to rekindle his romance with his high school sweetheart after failing to win back former flame Taylor Swift — it has been claimed.

The hunky Twilight star dated the Love Story singer for several months last year, before they split in December.

Sources say Lautner desperately tried to get back with Swift — but she wasn’t interested.

So instead, the 18-year-old decided to get back in contact with Sarah Hicks, whom he romanced a few years back.

“Taylor is nothing if not persistent, a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“It was a big bruise to his ego when Taylor dumped him, but he didn’t give up. He sent her flowers and shipped her jewelery… he texted her all the time.

“He really thought the force of his personality would win her back.

“Taylor didn’t believe that Lautner’s feelings for her were genuine. So she she kept shooting him away. She finally told him once and for all to give it a rest — she doesn’t even want to be friends at this point.

“Sarah doesn’t know she’s camouflage for Taylor’s broken heart, but at least he’s leaving Taylor alone now.

“Sarah raves about Taylor’s looks and talent and plays right into his bruised ego!”

Source  www.showbizspy.com

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After much shooting, editing and A LOT of work, I am excited the video for Taylor’s new single, “MINE,” is FINISHED! Creating this piece was beyond fun, and I’ve honestly never had a better time on a shoot. Was it crazy hot? Yes. Were there tons of bugs? Yes. Was all of this offset by the insanely gorgeous scenery? 100% YES!

We shot the entire piece near Portland, Maine and much lobster was eaten! My AMAZING producer, Tameron Hedge, actually got accosted by a HUGE seagull who took off with her lobster roll (that’s how good they were). Other than that one little incident, Maine was absolute perfection. On the first day, we shot on a private estate with more than 2,000 acres and a private beach, rounding out the second day in a small harbor town. There was a lot going on, and I had a BLAST with the entire gang!

The video should premiere soon and there’s so much more to say, but I don’t want to give anything away. Until then, look for the premiere coming soon!!!


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