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May 14th, 2010
EXCLUSIVE! Nick Jonas’ Dream Date Is A Romantic Dinner — But He Won’t Be Cooking It!

Who cares if Nick isn’t a master chef? Our Artist of the Year winner has other, way more important skills!

If you’re going out with Nick Jonas, prepare yourself for a romantic, relaxing evening — and one that’s as worry-free for him as it is for you! Yup, the youngest Jonas Brother will be taking you out for a fabulous meal, but he definitely won’t be cooking it!

“A good dinner is always nice,” the 17-year-old Artist of the Year winner told HollywoodLife.com exclusively at our Young Hollywood Awards May 13 of his perfect date. “Somewhere where the music’s not too loud so you can talk. I probably wouldn’t play my own music, maybe [I’d play] Michael Buble instead.”

Unfortunately, the solo — and single — Jo Bro won’t be preparing any tasty treats. “I make a mean bowl of cereal, but that’s it,” he admitted.

Watch this video to find out what Nick thinks about love, relationships, his Broadway ambitions and why he’d love to appear on Glee!

– Katrina Mitzeliotis

To Watch Video hollywoodlife.com And nickjonline.com

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If you want to date our Artist of the Year winner, you’re going to have to be a truthful kind of gal: he’s looking for someone who’s completely honest!

Want to date to Nick Jonas? You better not be a liar!

“Honesty is the most important thing,” the youngest Jonas Brother, 17, told HollywoodLife.com exclusively at our Young Hollywood Awards in LA May 14.

Our Artist of the Year winner seems pretty grounded, which might be why his ex, Miley Cyrus, is still texting him! It also explains why, although he’s single, his older brothers come to him for love advice!

“I think he gives it to us more than we give it to him!” 2o-year-old Joe, who has been dating Disney darling Demi Lovato since March. Oldest bro Kevin, 22, who has been married to Danielle Deleasa since Dec. 19, agreed.

The boys also talked about how close they are with Nick, saying his solo career is so much better “knowing I’ve got [Joe and Kevin’s] support.” Awwww!

Check out what else the guys had to say in the video above!

Video At:hollywoodlife.com

Thanks: @jobrosupdates_n

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