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We just got off the phone with Miley Cyrus’s co-star in her film, gorgeous Lucas Till who gets to play a Russian spy and do a martial arts fight with icon Jackie Chan in the new film The Spy Next Door.

Who is Lucas jones-ing to send a Valentine to? You might be surprised.

What could a girl do that would make him drop her immediately?

What’s his advice to girls for spotting a “Player”?

What’s the bad habit that he’s embarrassed about?

You read it here first!!!

Lucas, what’s it like to play the bad guy for a change?

Lucas: It was a dream come true in many ways. Although it’s not Heath Ledger in “The Dark Knight”, it’s still in the direction I want to go in. It was awesome and liberating to play a Russian spy.

Lucas Till as Larry battling  Jackie Chan as Bob Ho in "The Spy Next Door." | Lionsgate Films
Lucas Till as Larry battling Jackie Chan as Bob Ho in “The Spy Next Door.”
Lionsgate Films

What was it like learning the choreography for your fight scene with Jackie Chan?

Lucas: It was pretty nuts because the first day of rehearsal, I’m learning from the American stunt guys and they are a team and tell you ‘alright. This is how it’s got to be’. Then I go through Jackie’s stunt team; same amount of guys but I have to go through each one of his stunt guys individually. They’re all from East Asia and their manners are lost in translation so you’ve got to throw your pride out the window when you are listening to these guys because they are, seven times over, telling me what I’m doing wrong and the next guy will tell me something I’m doing different from the first guy and I should have been doing it the whole time. It was a looooong, demoralizing process where they tell me how weak and pathetic I was until, finally, I’d get to Jackie and he’d tell me what I was doing wrong too!  I’d have to go cry, come back, look at the footage and be happy.  There was no martial arts training before, just rehearsal.  I had a great time though.

What did you have to do to perfect your Russian accent in the film?

Lucas: I played a lot of “Grand Theft Auto 4” right before I went in to do that, a bunch of Russians in that video game and I play a lot of video games. I showed up on set and asked Bryan Levant (director) if I was going to be using an accent and he goes ‘Huh? You know what, sure, why not?’ So glad I had all that prep.

What did you and Jackie and the cast do off set for fun?

Lucas: They put me in a hotel in the middle of nowhere where the nearest thing I could walk to was McDonalds. I finally moved hotels and the last night there, I’d never even gotten a picture with Jackie and I just idolized him as a kid since I was five. Everything was so busy and he was basically the 2nd director on the movie as far as action scenes are concerned.  I was waiting until the American stunt guys got done and they bailed on me. So I went to some Italian restaurant all alone and I see one of Jackie’s stunt guys.  I go back into this secluded room and it’s all of Jackie’s people and Jackie’s at the head of the table and goes ‘oh, sit down. Sit down!’ I’m like ‘oh my God, I’m about to eat dinner with Jackie Chan!’ and I did.  He paid for my meal and I got to talk with him all night and got a picture with him and he signed two of them for me.

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