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Is Taylor Swift dating “Glee” star Cory Monteith? Or, has she rekindled her romance with “Valentine’s Day” costar Taylor Lautner? Or, could it be that she is currently being romanced by pop’s biggest Casanova (and one time duet partner), John Mayer? Well, MTV News decided to get to the bottom of it, and checked in with Taylor’s pal, “Zombieland” star Emma Stone to get the low down on Taylor’s love life.

However, when MTV News’ Josh Horowitz inferred that Taylor was “apparently dating all three guys” during the junket for Emma’s new flick, “Paper Man,” she very empathetically laughed. “She’s busy!” Emma responded sarcastically. “I don’t think she even knows that! I’ll send her a text [and let her know!]“

So, let’s say Taylor needed some relationship advice, would she turn to Emma to help her sort out her current romantic entanglements? Why, of course! “Um sure… yeah! We talk about everything that friends talk about,” Emma reported. “Of course [we give each other relationship advice].”

With Taylor’s, uh, romances cleared up, we asked whether Emma had any plans to duet with the blonde bombshell anytime soon? “That would be terrifying!” she shared, laughing about the whole scenario of every having to jump on stage to sing with Taylor. It’s a good thing they bond over something else then: their great senses of humor!


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