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Hey guys…so we know it’s been quiet in the 78violet camp but we want to first off thank you for sticking with us. We have some big news and wanted to make sure you hear it first.

Now that it’s official, we can tell you we’re no longer a part of Hollywood Records. What does that mean exactly??? Now we have the freedom to take 78violet in the direction we want. We’re writing and recording new music and are really excited on what’s next.

So…what is next? As for the album we recorded for Hollywood, honestly, we don’t foresee it ever being released. But…we are continuing to write and record new songs that we hope you’ll love as much as we do.

We’re going to be taking the Aly & AJ website down in the meantime which means the current message board will be removed and the accounts you created on the site will be put on hold. Yes…major bummer. But we’ll have a new message board and a new temporary site up in a few days that will serve as our main communication with you for the time being.

As always, you can get a hold of us on Twitter or Facebook.

We love you and are excited to share the new 78violet with you. Xoxo.



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Q.  What are some of the recent projects that you’ve been working on?

A.  My sister and I just recent wrapped up our latest record and that’s going to be coming out next year. We’re really, really excited, we’ve been working on it for a while now.  We’ve got lots of new material, new songs, new style.  Aly and I are really excited about the new sound.  It’s still definitely Aly &AJ, but it’s a revamped more Rock in your face version of it.  Also, I really feel like instrumentally it’s just a whole other level now.  The writing that we did was pretty cool, Aly and I were able to collaborate with Rivers Cuomo from Weezer and also Nancy Wilson from Heart as well as work with some of our favorite producers like Mike Elizondo, Josh Abraham, and Eric Valentine.  It really is an amazing compilation of people on one record.  This is our baby, we’re really focused on getting out there and promoting it and sharing it with all of our fans who have been patiently waiting. 

I’ve also been in Louisiana right now wrapping up a movie for Walt Disney called Secretariat with Diane Lane and John Malkovitch.  I’ve been here for a while now, it’s been a long shoot, it’s been really fun and everyone has gotten really close.  It’s definitely been a big family on set so I’m really bummed, we actually wrap next week, it’s really sad, I know I am going to cry on the last day.  It’s been amazing, we shot in Kentucky for about a month and then we were in Louisiana for about a month.  We’re just wrapping it up but it’s an amazing story based on the racing horse Secretariat who won the Triple Crown in 1973 in record time.  It’s all about the woman who really raised him and gave him the opportunity to really race in the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness and her name is Penny Chenery and that’s who Diane plays and I play her daughter.

Q.  As you mentioned you’ll be having your album coming out, when can fans expect the release of it and do you have a title for it?

A.  It’s going to be coming out the earlier part of next year, I want to make sure people know that they don’t have to wait too much longer.  The name is actually going to be self titled because Aly and I recently went through a band name change which we released not that long ago and got really good feedback, which was pretty cool, everyone was really supportive.  We just felt like it was time to change it up, we’re definitely still Aly & AJ, but it’s a different version of us. We’ve learned a lot and we’ve grown a lot musically.  We’ve been influenced by some people that we were able to feature on the record, in a sense that we were able to write with someone like Nancy WIlson, which is pretty amazing.  We kind of felt like, “You know what, it’s time for a name change, it’s time for a little bit of a new mark in the music biz.”  Aly and I went through a name change and we went through so many different ideas and bounced around a lot of different names and nothing really stuck.  We came up with seventy-eight really with seven being Aly’s lucky number, and eight being my lucky number, and together it being the atomic number for platinum, which is non corrodible metal.  It’s pretty cool because Aly and I consider our relationship as sister as non-corrodible and it’s kind of a cool tie in.  I also feel like violet is a very powerful, peaceful color that’s always been very poignant in our lives.  I feel like as a whole, putting seventy-eight in front of violet and making it 78violet, I think really came off strong as a band name.  We decided to make it official, and like I said, everyone was really cool and open about it and I am really excited.  It’s going to be self titled because we don’t want to confuse people too much with a new name, plus the name of a record, so we’ll be calling it 78violet. 

Q.  For those who don’t know about the name change how are you getting the word out?

A.  The cool thing about changing a band name and trying to go okay, how do we let people know, how do we get the word out, how do we tell everyone who were fans of Aly & AJ that we’re no longer Aly & AJ, we’re 78violet.  I feel like the Internet has been a huge helping hand in being able to release that info.  I feel like with things like Say Now and Twitter, I feel like those are really big spots to be able to tell all of our fans who are following us to spread the word that we’re no longer going by Aly & AJ.  The cool thing is that everyone who saw that on the Internet started spreading the word and now it’s moving along, which is really neat.  Everyone has seen it and people are telling their friends.  I think Twitter and Say Now have been huge opportunities to spread the word as well as Facebook and Myspace and YouTube, Aly and I have posted up videos about it.  Twitter has been huge, we actually changed our Twitter page, we’re now username 78violet.  It was weird to change it but it was more appropriate.

Q.  You’ll be seen in the upcoming film The Lovely Bones, how does the movie compare and contrast with the book?

A.  The book is one of my favorite books and it’s an unbelievable story.  A lot of people were really, really moved when they read that book and I think they’re going to be just as moved when they see the film.  Peter Jackson did an incredible job of taking the book, and obviously adapting it enough to where I think readers aren’t going to be disappointed, but also making sure that it works on the big screen.  I think he did an unbelievable job with not only the look of the film, but everyone cast in their role is so perfect for it.  Saoirse Ronan who plays the lead girl who gets killed, Susie Salmon, is an amazing actress.  I play her best friend in the film, but it really is an incredible story, and I think he’s really been able to capture the life of the book and he’s been able to capture that and put it on the big screen.  I think people are going to be really, really intrigued when they see it, it’s a beautiful story.  Like I said, the cast was just incredible and Peter is just so talented, I really don’t think you can go wrong.

Q.  Was there anything about the role that you found challenging?

A.  I would say the most challenging part about the role probably would be the scene I shot in New Zealand, which is a very pivotal moment in the story in the movie as well as the book.  It’s where my character is lost in a cornfield and her boyfriend is going after her and Mark Wahlberg’s character is actually in search of his daughter and doesn’t really know who he is following in the cornfield and runs into my boyfriend and I.  There is this big scene where he gets beaten up by him and it’s very emotional for my character because I know that my boyfriend is almost killing this guy and it’s a really, really riveting part.  Emotionally, sometimes you really have to get yourself in a certain mood going on set and so that to me is always challenging, but in a good way.  It’s a good challenge and it makes you grow as an actress.  There are some really good dramatic parts in the film. 

Q.  What made you want to be a part of the film?

A.  I had already read the book, and so I was a huge fan of the story as well as Peter, he’s so talented.  I feel like his whole team with his wife, they are just incredible people with huge hearts.  The opportunity itself to go to New Zealand to shoot there and work with people like Mark Wahlberg, Stanley Tucci, Susan Sarandon, and Rachel Weisz, just a really legitimate group of people, I think that immediately draws you to a movie and company.

Q.  How was getting to work with director Peter Jackson?

A.  It was amazing, he was so cool and down to earth. He’s very calm and collected and knows what he wants.  It really makes the actors that much more confident when the director really knows what he wants to capture, it really secures you.  He’s really interesting too, he lets you really go with your instincts, which I always find is the best thing a director can do, to let the actor kind of go with their gut and how they feel a character should be portrayed.  He’s really good at letting the actor just go with it.

Q.  Do you have a latest obsession?  Are you into any particular book, sport, activity, or music group?

A.  Right now I’ve actually been reading Charles Bukowski, he’s an amazing poet, it’s probably surprising that I would be reading that.  He’s an amazing author and his books are just incredible and I’ve been really into him lately.  My sister recently got into these books called The Hunger Games and I am going to start that when I get home, she says they’re just unbelievable.  While I’ve been here I’ve been really focused on the film.  I started reading the book that was written about Secretariat and my head has been in that game for a while now so I’ve been really focused on that.  As soon as I get home I have quite a bit of books to catch up on that my sister has been recommending. 

Q.  What would you like to say to your fans and supporters?

A.  I am blown away, Aly and I have the best fans.  They really stick with us no matter how much time that something is taking, they really are super supportive.  I just feel like we have classy fans, which I really like.  We have fans that don’t bash other artists or go after other people.  They’re cool because they support you but they’re not going after anyone else.  They’re like, “Hey, we just want to spread the word about Aly and AJ.”  We have really, really great fans and Aly and I have been lucky enough to meet a lot of them backstage at shows and being in different places, I met a lot of fans in Kentucky and Louisiana.  Just knowing that we have so many fans has been a really, really cool feeling.  I can’t wait to deliver this new music, it is dedicated to our fans.  They have been with us every single step so I am excited and I can’t wait for the new material.


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